Red Burst Hyaluronic Skin Care balm moisturizes, protects and helps prevent shaving skin irritation.  Sensitive skin is protected with natural oils to offer wrinkle protection.  There is no shaving cream.  Red Burst helps tone wrinkles and keeps skin healthy, vibrant, clear, youthful & refreshed. Go Natural Skin Care.

RED BURST HYALURONICS Pre/Post Shave Natural Emphasis Balm (3 Pack)

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RED BURST HYALURONICS are available in four fluid ounce 3 bottle packs for $56.85.  Use discount code REDBURST to save 10%.

RED BURST HYALURONICS are premium face lotions. They moisturize your face with hyaluronic serum, a natural skin moisture agent, soothing aloe, eucalyptus, vitamins A & E to help resist wrinkles, and premium vegetable glycerin.  Apply liberally to your face before and after shaving to calm your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.