Discover How To Slash Your
Risk of Skin Cancer by 76 Percent”...
...“We’re living in an age where skin cancer is on the rise -- but why?, if we’re wearing more sunscreen today than ever before.  What are we still missing?  And why did our great grandparents rarely get it? -- And They Were Stunned When I Discovered The Secret as To WHY”
~ Dr. Josh Appleton, Skin Cancer Survivor & Medical Researcher…

In this Article you’ll discover exactly one of the main causes of skin cancer.  It’s scientifically proven.  It’s happening at an alarming rate.  And medical researchers are baffled at how out of control, our chemical-laden world really is.  The fact is, Skin Cancer is now on the rise.  Medical research from Hopkins University discovered from their research, that 1 in 3 people from the ages of 19-79 are bound to get Cancer of the skin membrane in their lifetime. 

Your Body's Biggest Organ -- The Biggest Risk

Keep in mind that the Skin is considered to be your biggest organ.  Researchers have found thousands of chemicals in all products around the world.  You are virtually in contact with thousands of these sinister chemicals 24 hour 7 days a week.  I dare You:  Next time you’re in the shower read the ingredients on your shampoo and conditioner.  You’ll see CHEMICALS!  It’s difficult to eradicate them for chemistry reasons, but we can surely minimize them in our skin care formulas don’t you agree?


DANGER: You Ain’t Smelling Your Grandma’s Natural Botanicals Anymore!

Don’t let these pretty smelling concoctions fool you!  Just because they smell nice, is a red flag -- because you ain’t smelling your grandma’s natural garden botanicals!  You most certainly smell a chemical laden soup that overtime erodes your body’s natural skin cell protection, which directly causes a chemical imbalance of natural oils.  Many leading dermatologists feel this chemical soup can create a breeding ground for chronic skin disorders.  Is it any wonder you feel a constant leach on your physical energy or notice dry skin from the effects of these “moisturizing” chemicals?  The Worst part is, researchers have also discovered hundreds of chemicals in our food supply too!  This chemical concoction we’re infested with in our daily lives -- well quite frankly, has been attributed to many symptoms such as skin allergies, cancers, Immune disorders, eczema, and psoriasis.  With eczema, according to doctors, skin can no longer hold moisture becoming dry and tight, leading to itching, swelling and irriation.  Itchy skin may become damaged and become vulnerable to infection.  So what do many people do with off the shelve products.  That’s right, more ....chemicals !

The Danger of Chemical Laden Sun Worship -- Even A Little!

The problem most people don’t realize is that skin lotions and chemical ingredients in many cosmetics are baking for hours on our skin IN THE SUN!  We don’t think about it today -- but over a lifetime many skin care experts state this could lower our resistance to skin cancer and other skin conditions over time.  How many bronzed people in their mature years suffer from excessive wrinkling?  Is it the sun AND the lotions applied that  lead to premature wrinkling?  Global studies indicate some ingredients in sun screens may actually lower your skin defenses as their chemical ingredients seep into your pores. 


The #1 First Step To Slashing Your Risk of Skin Cancer By 76 Percent

Consider creating or using safer options for under arm deodorant such as those with a natural mineral, like Baking Soda. Factually, your armpits are home to one of your lymph node regions in your body.  Biology essential says its like “Central Station” and whatever you put under your arms can seep throughout your entire circulatory system.  Imagine what happens over the long-term -- especially with chemical deodorants or soap residue chemicals moving through your body.  So take your first step to slashing your risks of Skin Cancer.  Simply lower your toxic intake of chemicals.  Consider making or buying natural emphasis products.  Consider cleaning your household with vinegar based solutions.  Use natural emphasis shampoos, and soaps.  Make it a new way of life.

Introducing: One of the cleanest, refreshing natural emphasis skin soaps and Facial Moisturizing Skin Balms in The World -- Guaranteed

The Good News: In 2012 as a financial advisor by day, and Skin Cancerous Patient by-night, one person stopped to reflect on his life.  On November 19, 2012 Michael Korman of Toronto Canada discovered he had skin cancer on his face.  He realized every post shave was leaving his skin open to chemical seepage from shave creams, after shave lotions and colognes. This regimen occurred daily.  After his dermatology diagnoses,  Michael asked what clean products were available with less chemicals that might have caused his skin to become unbalanced.  He noticed leading pharma grade creams and lotions in the office for sale to patients.  Amazingly all had long chemical ingredient lists.  Could these be any better for his skin? Ironically the dermatologist had no “Clean” natural emphasis chemical products to recommend.  Combing the store shelves. Michael realized no moderately priced pharma grade products seemed available that he would be comfortable  to use in his daily shave regimen.  From that day forward our founder decided to create his own professional grade products.  These face balms had to solve the skin issues he experienced from shaving, such as redness, razor nicks and facial irritation.  They had to immediately calm and restore a more natural skin moisture balance. To eliminate chemical laced cream ingredients, these balms had to be made as a clear light viscous serum to quickly and simply apply over the face, forehead and throat.  This revolutionary skin care product is called Red Burst Hyaluronics Facial Moisturizing Skin Balm. It’s a revolutionary formula -- designed for men who may be susceptible to skin irritation and who desire a more natural emphasis product versus their current chemical laden face lotions and creams.  One of the Special features of  Red Burst Hyaluronics Facial Moisturizing Skin Balm is that it contains Hyaluronic Acid, two proven skin supportive vitamins A &E and several plant based ingredients to calm, sooth and help tone skin backed by real science, assisting to maintain skin moisture balance after shaving and to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles naturally with daily use.  Whether shaving your face or for women who may choose this product to sooth their legs and hands, soothing your skin in a natural emphasis manner makes sense.  Red Burst  Hyaluronics.  Order Today with FREE Shipping.  Plus every time you send a friend to our site you receive 10% percent off your next order.