RedBurst® for men

RedBurst® for men

Toxicity of our environment begins at home, so does Health and Wellness.  In fact, they are mutually inclusive.  We have begun to do a great job at responsible choices when it comes to several products that we now know to be harmful.  Yet, many everyday products we still use in our daily routines are laced with chemical full of carcinogens and other harmful ingredients.  

                                 “Putting it on your skin, does let it in”

The fact is, much of what we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. If you use a lotion on your face and body and it soaks into your skin all day, you’re getting a lot more exposure to those chemicals. So be strategic — try to get the best ingredients in products that you have a lot of exposure to as part of your daily routine. 

JonJen Cosmetics Ltd. is a fast growing skin care company that emphasizes natural ingredients and innovative products.  Baking Soda is widely considered a natural cleanser, anti-bacterial agent, and assists in absorbing odour, leaving your skin feeling soft and exceptionally clean.

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the brand world of RedBurst®. At Jon Jen Cosmetics Ltd., we are a North American company with global ambitions of serving millions of consumers with modern products that leave your skin feeling Crisp, Clean and Refreshed.

 Continued research and innovation under our RedBurst® brand enables us to constantly transform our business and identify new opportunities to help you.

In addition to our exciting RedBurst ® Soap Body Bars with baking soda and Natural Oils, we have developed our fabulous Red Burst Hyaluronics™  moisturizing skin balm products for men for pre-and-after shave use in Scent Free, Mint Breeze and Royal Evening Spice.  

At Jon Jen, we share a commitment to our core corporate values: Integrity in all we do, Caring about our customers, and Continuous product innovation. These values are reflected not only in the quality of our products and the reputation of Jon Jen Cosmetics Ltd., but also in our dedication to serving the communities where we do business.

 As a leading consumer products company, we are also deeply committed to advancing product technology which can address changing consumer needs throughout the world. Our vision is to use technology to create products that will drive the revenues of our partners and enhance the quality of life for consumers wherever they live.

As a globally minded business, we`re focused on achieving the consistent growth required to execute on our mission and make us an even stronger company. We believe this is the best way to benefit our consumers, our people and our shareholders. 

 We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our RedBurst® brand of natural based products and we invite you to learn more about our company.